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We are centrally located in Illinois.

Shipments can reach most all Amazon fulfillment centers within 3 days of leaving our warehouse. There are many within a one or two day range.

We have daily pick-up from UPS and USPS to ship orders to individuals though other selling sites, along with FBA to Amazon. 

We ship to Amazon FBA, Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment, eBay and any other platforms you may sell on.

Established in 2014, the second longest running Prep Center.

We opened as Fulfillment Butler in October, 2014 when a need was seen in a Facebook group for stateside warehouses that would ship and store product for those not living in the US, but wanted to sell on Amazon. At this time, there were two companies offering this service, one of which closed it's doors and disappeared with client inventory overnight. 

I worked for the Postal Service for 20 years and have been selling online since 2001. I thought this was the perfect fit for me. 

Upon announcing we would be glad to supply this service, we had product in my home within 7 days. I was very naive about the scope of this business. In March, 2015, we moved into our warehouse. In August of 2015, we doubled our space. 

We are still doing all aspects of Amazon, but have also expanded to Multi-Channel fulfillment for Amazon, eBay and other platforms. 


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Illinois Pack and Ship

1810 W Jefferson St, Suite A, Springfield, Illinois 62702, United States



Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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  We are located in Canada and Fulfillment Butler has been a staple part of our international business in the U.S. for close to a year now. They give our shipments the attentiveness we look for in a 3rd party fulfillment service not to mention they have really competitive pricing as well. We look forward to working with Fulfillment Butler for many years to come.   Keep up to awesome work for us Jodi =)

   Golden Mountain Goods Ltd 

  Jacobin Yee      

 I've been working with Jodi for the last year in inventory prepping. What impresses me the most about Jodi and her service is her dedication to her clients and their shipments no matter what transpires in her personal and professional life. She works countless hours and responds to emails and requests late into the night. She went out of her way to accommodate my travel schedule to get my shipments done. Honesty and integrity are well represented in how she conducts her business. Her service has become an integral part of my Amazon business and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

     Lei Chidester    

 I have been using Fulfillment Butler for a few months now for my OA purchases (Golden Clasp is an unrelated, jewelry site we recently started). I chose it because the retailer I buy from doesn't charge tax in IL, so I don't have to deal with tax exempt certs for every purchase. The fees for their services are very fair and they don't charge a ridiculous account set up fee like some other services do for no good reason.  

All my goods are shipped from the East coast, so the shipping is pretty quick to the Butler warehouse. Shipping to Amazon is also pretty cheap, and I save time and money when I get the dreaded West coast shipments.  

FB is run by Jodi Elmore Larson and she is quick and professional when responding to emails. It took me a little while to get acclimated to the system of updating my incoming shipments, but Jodi helped me figure it out. FB will be expanding their services to offer some more options, which can be very helpful. 

I would definitely recommend Fulfillment Butler to businesses looking for FBA prep services in the area.  

 Golden Clasp   

Kate Benzin    

 I've been using Fulfillment Butler services for more than a year now and can't be happier with the work they do. The communication (very important for me) is very good - they respond usually within 24 hours and actually listen to what you are saying and what you are concerned about and try their best to find the solution. For me this is very important.    Also, they are very reasonably priced - it would be very hard to find another prep company with the same quality / price ratio. They do the work fast and up to the highest standards. I was very impressed with the packaging and smart product placement inside each other (it was a bundle) when I received the product they shipped for me back from Amazon to take photos. Overall I highly recommend Fulfillment Butler and I hope they continue to stay the way they are.   

Forte Products    

 I’ve been working with Fulfillment Butler for almost two years now and can personally recommend them.  They’re not only responsive but working continually to improve and offer services. Their central location has resulted in a savings in my shipping costs from suppliers and to Amazon of nearly 20 percent.  I look forward to continuing to work with them and feel confident in recommending their services!   Thanks for all you and your team do, Jodi. ***************************************************   

Patricia Leeb
Ever-May, from Shiprock Merchants, LLC     

I have been working with Fulfilment Butler for around 7 months. During that time, they have handled my shipments in a professional and timely manner. They were very patient with me when I was an inexperienced newbie and worked with me every step of the way. If you're looking for professional service with the personal touch, I can highly recommend Fulfilment Butler. 

Wendy Owen   

I love, love.. LOVE Fulfillment Butler!   That may sound cliché to some, but I literally have to thank them. Being that I live in the Netherlands it would cost me a fortune to have products shipped to me and then for me to ship them to the USA after preparing with the correct labeling.    I was searching for months and asking how it would be possible for me to start my FBA career. I didn't know where to turn..    One faithful day Kendra answered my plea that I posted in an Amazon FBA group and that's how my shipments were assigned to Jodi.    I was a newbie learning everything from information I found online and I've made many mistakes, but Jodi was patient with me throughout my beginning stages as an Amazon seller. I truly appreciate her and all she does to make this experience worthwhile.   MANY thanks to Jodi, my dear Butler and the rest of the Fulfillment Butler Team.   Without them none of this would have been possible for me.   Thank you soooo much!!   


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